Friday, June 15, 2012

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) - World largest CNG powered bus service operator

CNG Delhi – the world’s cleanest public bus system running on CNG

"Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) - the largest CNG-powered bus service operator in the world" is the main public transport operator of Delhi and NCR region. It's also the world cleanest public bus service running on CNG.
Prior to independence in 1930s, public transport in the Delhi was in private hands, with people relying mainly on tangas and the bus services of the ‘Gwalior Transport Company’ and ‘Northern India Transport Company’.  But with the growing city, it soon proved inadequate, thus Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus system was established in May 1948. 
It was again constituted as "Delhi Road Transport Authority" under the Road Transport Corporation Act, 1950. This Authority became an undertaking of Municipal Corporation of Delhi by an Act of Parliament in April, 1958. In 1971, on a recommendation from the Indian government took over the assets and liabilities from the erstwhile Delhi Transport Undertaking (DTU) operated by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi until the 2nd November 1971. Delhi Transport Corporation which was under administrative control of the Indian government was transferred to the Government of National Capital Territory, Delhi.
In 1998, the Supreme Court of India published a Directive that specified the date of April 2001 as deadline to replace or convert all buses, three-wheelers and taxis in Delhi to Compressed Natural Gas but little progress had been achieved to fulfill the Supreme Court Directive. 
In April 2002, the Supreme Court published a directive which imposed a penalty on the government for wasting the court’s time, and in addition, a daily penalty of 1’000 Rupee per day (approximately 20 US$) for each diesel bus still in circulation. After that By 1st December 2002, the last diesel bus had disappeared from Delhi’s roads, as part of a program to improve public transport by offering more buses, and only buses running on CNG.

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