Wednesday, July 18, 2012

World's Youngest Film Director

At a time when most children are happy just going to school and playing with simple toys, there's a nine-year old who wants to do something different. Kishan Shrikanth was born on January 6, 1996 and made history in 2005 by directing a full-length Kannda film named ‘Care of Footpath’ which included popular cast crew like Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff and Kannada film industry super-star Sudeep. He is the "Youngest director of a professionally made feature length film" as acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records (GBWR).
C/o Footpath is a story about a slum boy. He passes class VII in nine years and class X in ten years, without going to school. How he does this is the crux of the story. His parents throw him on the footpath after drugging him. He is woken up by other slum children and taken home by a washerwoman. Produced by his mother, Shailaja Shrikant, the film was dubbed in a number of languages. It was first shot in Kannada and the original version was released on 26 November 2006. It became a big hit in the market and went on to celebrate 100-Days Golden Jubilee.
Kishan Srikanth has been acting since the age of four and has appeared in 24 movies and more than 1,000 TV shows. At an age of 6 years he became a play back singer and has sung in more than three feature films and four private albums. He learnt cinematography and the art of direction during his shooting schedules.   
Master Kishan has directed the movie 'Care of Footpath' at the age of 9 years. One day when he watched street children selling newspapers on the street, he wondered as to why these children were not going to school. He wanted to inspire them and he wrote a story. This story was directed by him. He dedicated this film for all the underprivileged children on this earth.

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