Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dhai Seedhi Ki Masjid : Asia's Smallest Mosque

Some things in Bhopal are difficult to miss; like Upper Lake, the largest manmade lake in India, which dominates the landscape here, or Taj-ulMasjid, the immense mosque – one of Asia’s largest – which tops any list of city sights.  But until recently I, like pretty much everyone else who’s ever been Bhopal, had no idea that this fascinating city was also home to the Asia’s smallest mosque – Dhai Seedhi Ki Masjid (Mosque of two and half step).

It is on the campus of Gandhi Medical College. Dhai Seedi Ki Masjid is in one of the watchtowers. It is the oldest mosque in Bhopal city, initially built as a makeshift mosque during the construction of the Fatehgarh fort started by Dost Mohammad Khan. It was built so that the guards deployed at Fatehgarh Fort could perform Namaaz.

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